Professional Role-play Services



Experiential Training

Join forces with the Crisis Company for an impactful and memorable approach to learning. We stage adrenalin-triggering role-play training in a simulated environment for crisis intervention professionals (including police officers, cadets, SWAT teams, corrections officers, dispatchers, hostage negotiators and hospital staff) to practice verbal de-escalation techniques in a safe environment.
The Crisis Company’s “sting and reward” training technique is an interactive learning experience between the student and our role-player(s). This highly effective adult learning process is an active, skill developing exercise, which embraces visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. It integrates training objectives with impact and sometimes a few good laughs!

We specialize in training our professional role players to be experts in the accurate portrayal of adults and children in crisis and/or suffering from mood, thought or personality disorders.
Our customized content addresses your specific training objectives in a way that is relevant and meaningful to your audience. Ask any of our 4,000+ graduates, and they will tell you ours is the best training they’ve ever had.

Our expertise:
According to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, role-playing has become one of the most frequently used training tools employed by law enforcement agencies. In fact, recent surveys show that over 80 percent of law enforcement agencies use some form of role-playing in their training programs. However, not all role-plays and role-players are created equal.
For a role-play to be an effective learning technique the role-players must have the skill to draw the student into a simulated environment, portray believable characters and create high enough emotional stakes to keep the student engaged and learning for the duration of the role-play. That in itself is not enough; the role-player must also understand the learning objectives of the training exercise and be able to guide the learning process so that the student grasps those objectives and integrates them during the exercise. Juggling all these role-play elements is not easy, but the role-players of the Crisis Company have perfected this art.

For 15 years the professional role-players of The Crisis Company have specialized in the accurate portrayal of persons in crisis.
The Crisis Company has extensive experience with the Police and Sheriff’s Departments in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Minneapolis / St. Paul and Arizona in training for Crisis Intervention Teams, Cadets, SWAT Teams, Hostage Negotiators and Dispatchers. We have also been called upon by the Department of Energy for basic and advanced hostage negotiation exercises as well as the State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program to lend training support in their VIP Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Mass Casualty Programs.

The learning experience provided by the Crisis Company is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, which benefits both the individual(s) and the organization.